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[최대 33% 할인] 전 제품 미스테리 디스카운트 l 할인코드 : BIMIL

[최대 33% 할인] 전 제품 미스테리 디스카운트 l 할인코드 : BIMIL

미스테리 디스카운트 이벤트: 전 제품 최대 33% 할인 | 할인코드: BIMIL

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미스테리 할인이벤트의 할인율은 "20%-33%" 사이로 책정되어 있으니 최대 할인율이 보이면 망설이지 말고 결제하세요!

13만원 이상 구매시 L-글루타민(250g, 트로피컬맛)을 무료증정 합니다.

(본 행사는 2017년 6월 30일 자정까지 진행되며 무료 사은품 증정행사는 재고 소진시 별도의 안내없이 조기종료될 수 있습니다.)

(본 이벤트는 의류&악세사리 전 제품 2+1 이벤트와 중복혜택이 가능합니다.)

(본 이벤트는 더웨이 구매시 전 제품 35% 할인이벤트와는 중복혜택이 불가합니다.)


제품 오버뷰

The Essentials Stack contains 5 products that can help you work towards getting you cut-up and in-shape. The bundle has been packed with carefully chosen products to help you increase your daily protein intake, enhance recovery and support lean mass growth. The Essentials Stack is particularly ideal for anyone looking to pack on lean muscle whilst also reducing total body fat.

The stack contains 1kg of high quality Impact Whey Protein, 100g Total Nutri-Greens, 90 tablets of Thermopure, 250g of Creatine Monohydrate (which can help with physical performance over short bursts of high intesnity exercise) and lastly, 500g of the new Natural Protein Smoothie, which can be used as an alternative protein source to increase daily protein intake.

Impact Whey Protein – 1kg

• High quality whey protein concentrate with 82% protein per serving and low in fat and sugar.

Total Nutri-Greens – Tropical, 100g

• A convenient and effective supplement to help increase your daily fruit and vegetable intake and improve your overall health and diet.

Thermopure - 90 caps

• An advanced thermogenic blend of scientifically proven fat loss ingredients.

Creatine Monohydrate – 250g

• Proven to help improve power, strength and growth and has been shown to reduce overall recovery time and recovery between intense bouts of exercise.

Protein Smoothie – Strawberry and Banana, 500g

• Natural tasting protein smoothie with over 18g of protein per serving. Great for a refreshingly tasting drink high in protein.


Bundle RRP based on total price of individual product RRPs.

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Essentials Summer Stack - Strawberry

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