Student Essentials Bundle

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Student Essentials Bundle

Being a student and sticking to your diet can be difficult. You want quality without the cost, and that’s where we come in – with the essential stack for any student.

This bundle includes some of our best-selling products to take your training to the next level, and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Get all this…

Myprotein Shaker Bottle – The most advanced sports supplement bottle on the market, giving you the smoothest drink with minimum effort

Impact Whey Protein – Packed with 21g of protein per serving, amino acids, and low in fat and carbs, this is perfect for all training goals

MYPRE (Blue Raspberry) – Get ready for an explosive burst of energy, preparing you physically and mentally for any workout, and helping to improve performance

BCAA Plus (90 caps) – Maximise your recovery after intense exercise with these essential amino acids

Protein Brownie (Chocolate – box of 12) – Chocolatey, guilt-free snacks packed with 23g of protein and with 75% less sugar than supermarket alternatives


See individual product pages for details.


See individual product pages for details.

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Student Essentials Bundle

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Student Essentials Bundle