Best High Fibre Snack

My Bar Zero

Lemon Cheesecake, Chocolate, Almond Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla and Apple Cinnamon are the amazing flavours that My Zero Bar offers. Providing you with 20.2g of protein and just 2.6g of carbohydrates this tasty bar is the perfect snack between meals or ideal partner if you are on the go.

Contributing to your amino acid profile, both those who work out regularly and those who just want to improve their health through diet, this is the perfect protein based snack!

Best Dietary Fibre


A starchy carbohydrate found mainly in chickpeas and lentils, Inulin offers a range of health benefits. Considered a prebiotic, Inulin is great for the digestive system which in turn will help utilise nutrients to be passed around the body.

Inulin is a highly versatile fibre that can be used as a great tasting product in a variety of recipes from healthy baking or cooking, as well as in smoothies to make them thicker and more filling.

Best High Fibre Breakfast

Rolled Oats

Containing 56g of carbohydrates per 100g, Rolled Oats offer you a great source of beta-glucans to maintain normal cholesterol levels and blood glucose. Helping to replenish your body’s glycogen stores, oats mixed with water or milk will provide you with a nutritious breakfast and can also provide great benefits both pre and post workout.

For the improvement of body composition carbs are often used post workout, however if you are training for performance over a long period of time such as long distance runners can benefit from eating oats before training.

Best High Fibre Food

My Noodles

MyNoodles contains Konjac, a water soluble fibre, which has been show to aid with fat loss. With only 7 calories per serving, this incredibly tasty product is perfect for those who are aiming towards a calorie deficit without massively altering your eating habits.

Each serving also contains 3.5g of quality fibre, zero sugar and less than 0.1g of fat. Ideal for stir frys and salads.

Best High Fibre Powder


Containing 91% of dietary fibre from non-genetically modified corn starch, VitaFiber is perfect for those looking to increase their daily fiber intake, improve gut enzymes and digestive system.

This sweet tasting product with low sugar and zero fat content can be added to your baking, cooking and shakes - all guilt-free.

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